Group Travel & Professional Meeting Planning

Group Travel

JC Travel offers a wide range of group travel service that simplifies planning and operational logistics during your trip. We are experienced with helping you define requirements in order to minimize challenges for your company. By making group travel easier and more cost effective, you and your company can relax and enjoy your company trip without any pressure.


Planning, Coordination, and Management

Successful group travel begins with experienced planning. It helps identify requirements and potential issues. The planning process consists of coordination logistics and travel schedules management.

Arrival and Departure

We will prepare you and your group to arrive and depart on time.

Ground Transportation

We will prepare you with necessary ground transport so you can reach your location on time.

Destination Cost Analysis

This tool helps provide an overall budget of total travelling costs for destinations being considered. It includes all aspects of expenses from airfare accommodations to ground transportation and activity costs.

Meeting Planning

JC Travel offer professional meeting and planning services. Whether your company requires every step from event planning to concierge services or assistance with vendor selection and negotiation, we are here to help guide you with your travel needs.

Site Selection & Analysis

Site Inspection & Review

Vendor Negotiation (Location Specific)

Comprehensive Event Planning

       Meeting Logistics & Scheduling

       Entertainment & Social

Contingency Planning

Special/Unique Needs Planning

Meeting Concierge Services